Case Study Ember Guard Project at Yarra Ranges Special Development School

Ember Guard Project at Yarra Ranges Special Development School


Screen Tech was contracted to supply an Ember guard solution for the Yarra Ranges Special Development School. The school is located in a rural busfire area and needed an Ember guard solution able to meet AS 3959/1999 BAL29 rating for ember guard. The was also some large box gutter areas that needed to be protected and there was a very short timescale to complete the project due to the project needing to be complete before the end of the fiscal year due to the school’s budget.



Screen Tech offered our Tuff mesh Emberguard products to meet the requirement. Tuff mesh Emberguard is an unrivalled product in Australia with a 1.6mm aperture hole to ensure bushfire protection against the smallest embers. We also swaged the mesh to ensure better water flow and catchment as the school wanted to improve there tank water quality.



  • Large project.
  • High Bushfire risk area BAL 29 Emberguard needed
  • Large box gutters that needed to be protected.


Planning Stage

  • Our project manager working closely with the onsite manager and our installation partners.
  • Gutter guard materials and colours were carefully assessed and selected to suit the building, roofing material and surrounds.
  • Considerations for construction timescale, communication and minimal disruption to students and staff.


Installation Stage

  • All gutters materials where supplied pre cut to size and swaged to ensure a fast installation
  • High quality Tuff Mesh Ember guards were installed. The installation was a success and a terrific finish was achieved using a close colour match from our extensive colour range.