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Australia’s best gutter guard solution designed for Australian roofs and conditions with high-quality material. We pride ourselves in supplying quality gutter guard materials and products to trades and their customers.

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ScreenTech’s network of accredited gutter guard installers provides the highest quality gutter guard installation services across Australia. We have qualified installation partners installing gutter guards and other gutter guard protection systems based around your local area, so get your gutter guard installed professionally and efficiently with ScreenTech.

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Gutter Guard Installation

ScreenTech makes it easy to get a gutter guard installer. Get your gutter guard installed with one of our gutter guard experts will assist you in your gutter guard installation projects. Need gutter guard & a gutter guard installation service. ScreenTech has innovated commercial and gutter guard installation methods and the best gutter system protection products in the industry.

Residential Gutter Protection

Install Gutter Guard Solutions

Install Commercial Gutter Mesh

Install Bird Proofing Solutions

Install Solar Panel Protection

Install Ember Guard Protection

Install your gutter guard with an accredited professional gutter guard installer and the highest quality materials for the best gutter guard solution.

Get Professional Every time with the Best gutter guard products!


- Proven over 20 years
- High strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly


- Commercial standard
- Extreme strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Embery Guard
- Poly


- BAL FZ-rated
- Custom Made Solution
- colorbond® Steel Mesh
- Bespoke product for extreme bushfire protection

solar mesh bird protection

Solar mesh

- Specially designed for solar panels
- Durabile clip-on fittings
- Maximised air flow design
- Bird and vermin proof

Our professionals can install all kinds of gutter guards!

Leaf Guard

ScreenTech’s gutter guard installation partners can install gutter mesh to all residential roof types – corrugated, Klip-Lok®, Trimdek® and tile roofs. Speak to our team to get in contact with an installation partner today.

solar panels on roof

Commercial Roof Types

ScreenTech has innovated commercial-grade gutter guard installation methods for commercial roof types and gutter systems. Connect with us and our installation partners today.


bush fire

Bushfire Protection

Need an ember mesh installer in a bushfire prone area? Call ScreenTech to ensure your gutter guard and ember guard installations complies with local bushfire standards and ratings.

bird infestation

Bird & Pest Proofing

If you are bird proofing a home or commercial building with a complete roof gutter guard protection system, call the gutter guard experts at ScreenTech.

installing solar mesh gutter guard

Solar Panel Protection

Installing solar panel mesh can be tricky, so get an experienced installer to protect and guard your client’s solar panel investment.

rain water

Rain Water Harvesting

Optimise your rainwater harvesting system with a gutter guard system. Get a professional harvesting system installed professionally for years of use and enjoyment.

gutter guard installer at work

ScreenTech is Local To You

You can trust ScreenTech and our network of accredited installation partners to fit your gutter guard to any solution. We connect you to local gutter guard companies and tradespeople, that are experts at installing our gutter guard products. So, let us take care of you and your project’s gutter guard needs.

Become a Screentech Installation Partner

Want to sell and install a gutter guard? ScreenTech partners with local tradesmen and companies to install our products. If you or your company is interested in becoming an installation partner with ScreenTech, get in contact today to find out more.


A gutter guard is a gutter protection system that prevents blockages due to overflowing gutters on both residential and commercial properties and gutters. Gutter guards save many homeowners and business owners money and time preventing property and water damage and gutter cleaning. 

Gutter guards are also effective in bird and vermin proofing and prevention, bushfire protection and water tank filtration.

ScreenTech is a gutter guard supplier and does not provide professional installation services. We supply our gutter guard installation partners, including roofing companies, local installers, local gutter guard installers and gutter guard companies Australia-wide. Our installation partners access a quality sales support service that outlines best practices to market, sell and install our gutter guard products. 

Have the confidence to quote your clients additional gutter guard installations for any project, knowing that you can hire local gutter guard installation partners to assist in the install. Our partners are experienced at installing our products on existing gutters and new builds, increasing the efficiency of a project.

Many of our installers are experienced on job sites and hold qualifications, insurance and certifications. More so, our installation partners, have undergone training and accreditation to install our gutter guard products, ensuring your project ends with the most professional finish.

ScreenTech does not provide gutter cleaning services or existing gutter guard cleaning services. However, some of our installation partners may offer these services, and we can provide you with contact information if applicable to your location.

All ScreenTech products come with product warranties of up to 25-years.

ScreenTech trades exclusively to trade customers. If you need a gutter guard installer for your DIY project, we can connect you with one of our installation partners in your local area.