Bird Proofing Solutions Australia

Look no further than ScreenTech’s environmentally friendly, humane bird proofing products. Our mesh prevents bird nests in gutters, roof valleys, walls and roof cavities. Get in touch with a ScreenTech installation partner today.

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Bird mesh & how it works

Bird proofing mesh prevents birds from accessing roof spaces, gutters, valleys, and other spaces. Our bird mesh product covers your gutters, roof valleys, and roof spaces, denying birds. It encourages healthy water flow through gutters creating a permeable protective barrier.

The material is a specially-manufactured surface that deters bird nesting and perching. When applied with other bird prevention methods such as spikes, it can provide 100% complete protection. There is no need for ugly bird netting, spikes, guns, chemicals, or ugly fake birds – simply a bird-proofing solution that rids you of your bird problem.

Bird proofing in 3 simple steps

1. Bird removal and cleaning

Assess your gutter guard needs & select the best gutter mesh for you.

2. Bird mesh application & installation

Match the mesh to your roof type, gutter type and colorbond® colour.

3. Integrate with other bird control measures

Connect with a ScreenTech gutter guard installation partner and install.

Bird infestation signs

Feathers or nesting materials clog gutters and downpipes
Baby birds screeching day or night
Increase in bird droppings on the roof and flat surfaces, including solar panels, walls, fascia and verandah
Nesting material accumulation and litter around the property
Strong foul odours
Scavenged garbage and litter around the property.

Why you need to bird proof


Bird pest problems include damage to commercial & residential property, including shingles, tiles and wooden fascias. Birds nesting materials accumulate in gutter systems and roof valleys, causing blockages and clogs in gutters and downpipes, risking future water damage. 


Bird infestations are a risk to your family’s health as droppings and fouling carry transmissible diseases and parasites, including salmonella. Bird nests also transmit bird mites and lice to your family and pets. They also attract other pests, such as rodents and insects.


Bird droppings are highly corrosive and acidic, leaving stains, discolouration and damage to outdoor structures. Stopping birds also reduces nesting litter around roofing eaves, verandas and gutters for better property aesthetics.


Noise is also a bird problem and nuisance. Baby birds feed with their mothers at all hours of the day and night. Some bird species are nocturnally active, while others live in communal families. Install bird mesh to enjoy peace and quiet.


Solar panels are a bird’s dream home, but you risk damaging the solar panel if they choose to nest. Likewise, bird droppings can permanently corrode aluminium frames and stain the solar panel facade—bird-related damage reduces solar panel function and often voids the warranty.


Most homeowners bird proof against introduced species, like starlings, mynas & pigeons. These pest birds do threaten native bird habitats and force them out. Bird proofing your home will encourage native bird species to return to your gardens.

Bird Proofing Mesh Products


- Proven over 20 years
- High strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly


- Commercial standard
- Extreme strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly

solar mesh bird protection

Solar mesh

- Specially designed for solar panels
- Durabile clip-on fittings
- Maximised air flow design
- Bird and vermin proof

ScreenTech Supplies Local Companies

ScreenTech supplies gutter guard and 100% bird proofing solutions to local installers and pest control partners Australia-wide. We team up with the best in the business to ensure a comprehensive bird proofing solution. Don’t hesitate – call ScreenTech, and get the name of your local supplier today. 

Solar panel bird protection

A complete birds control service also includes solar panel protection. Solar panel bird proofing is a permanent deterrent as solar meshes stop birds from gaining access and nesting between the solar panel and roof. We designed and manufactured this wire mesh bird guard to prevent bird and other pest access while encouraging airflow and optimising panel function. 

Why bird proof instead of control methods

Bird prevention and bird proofing measures are more humane and eco-friendly than other pest control measures, including bird spikes, bird netting and chemical sprays. Bird mesh does not harm or kill the birds and is a long-term solution. Creating physical barriers prevent birds from nesting & roosting in areas of your property.

Bird proofing and prevention is also the more cost-effective solution. Homeowners make a one-time investment and receive a product warranty. 


Bird proof commercial buildings

Commercial bird proofing projects are complex, requiring an integrated bird prevention solution. However, focusing on prevention and addressing the root of bird problems is key to a bird free-environment. Our solution, combined with other prevention methods, such as bird netting, spikes and technologies, can provide your business, building, warehouse or property with a bird free environment. 

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Across urban and regional Australia, birds cause structural harm to residential, commercial buildings and storefronts, spreading disease, mites and bacteria. Birds also commonly attract other pests, including vermin, possums, and insects, that further risk your family’s health. Business owners report damage to commercial structures and electrical damage. They also pose a threat to solar panel structures and functions.

Most birds that cause problems for homeowners are introduced-birds though some are natives. Our installation partners’ most common birds that rid homes and buildings are seagulls, pigeons, mynas, starlings, and sparrows.

Bird control technicians will inspect common bird hot spots on or near your property and locate any nests. They identify key sites and areas of your home where birds can enter the building or property. This knowledge will help a bird mesh installer provide a bespoke bird solution for you that incorporates our bird mesh solution. We will secure the area and prevent birds from settling down to roost or building nests.

Our bird proofing services integrate efficient methods explicitly customised for your problem while saving you money and time. DIY bird control consists of a lot of physical labour and costly materials. They can also cause further damage to buildings, whereas ours are designed to protect the structural integrity of your building. Particularly important for commercial or heritage buildings.

A gutter guard or bird mesh is the most permanent and cost-effective solution to get rid of birds. Our mesh bird prevention and proofing measures are more humane and eco-friendly than other pest control measures, including bird spikes, bird netting and chemical sprays. The mesh comes with various materials to suit your needs and in an array and colorbond® colours to effortlessly match your colorbond® roof.

A complete bird proofing solution is only possible after thoroughly inspecting all possible entry points and property areas. Installers must secure the mesh to all locations and prevent birds from settling down to roost or nest. A complete solution includes proofing solar panels on the roof.