Leaf Guard

Australia’s best gutter guard solution designed for Australian roofs and conditions with high-quality material. We pride ourselves in supplying quality gutter guard materials and products to trades and their customers.

tuff mesh gutter guard

How leaf guard works

ScreenTech’s gutter leaf mesh product covers gutters and roof valleys to stop leaves and debris while promoting optimal water flow. Our mesh is fixed to the front lip of the gutter, creating a permeable protective barrier to the lower section of your tile or metal roof. The ski slope angle encourages leaves and debris to fall naturally to the ground.

Leaves, dirt, and debris in the guttering system cause serious issues, especially after heavy rain. These contaminants interfere with water’s flow through the gutters, downpipes and rainwater harvesting system. Overflowing gutters can also cause severe water damage to the homeowners’ properties and foundations and are nesting grounds for insects and pests.

Gutter protection in 3 simple steps

1. Assess

Assess your gutter guard needs & select the best gutter mesh for you.

2. Match

Match the mesh to your roof type, gutter type and Colorbond colour.

3. Install

Connect with a ScreenTech gutter guard installation partner and install.

Gutter protection design for Australian roofs

ScreenTech has the broadest range of Aluminium, Poly and Steel gutter guard solutions to meet your exact needs wherever you are in Australia. Whether you need a poly gutter guard for your coastal property, an ember guard for your bushfire complaint area, or a robust mesh that can withstand fallen overhanging branches – ScreenTech gutter guards has a mesh for every Aussie job.

CSIRO certified products
3,000 leaf guard combinations
10-25 year warranty
100,000+ Residential Installs
AS4020 products
1000+ Commerical installs
25+ Colorbond colours
100+ trade partners

Leaf guard mesh that meets all your needs


Prevent blocked gutters and debris build-ups in your guttering system. Significantly reduce gutter cleaning and maintenance while keeping you safely on the ground. Leaf guards protect the gutter systems from heavy downpours and debris build-up for a more extended gutter and downpipe lifespan.


Choose an ember guard for the most effective bushfire protection measures. Ember guards protect your home from Ember Attack preventing dry litter ignition in guttering. Get tested and certified Australian Fire Rated Guard with BAL-Ratings and Fire Rating Flame Index "0" for bushfire prone areas.


Leaves, dirt, and debris contaminate rainwater collected in guttering, affecting the water quality and safety. Add an initial filtration system with water tank screens and gutter guards before reaching the water tank. Ensure you meet the Australian Water Quality Centre's AS4020 water standards.



Accumulation of leaves and debris-filled gutters make a perfect nesting and roosting site for birds, vermin and possums. Gutter guard systems make for the best bird proofing and prevention. Improve your family's health by deterring birds and pests from entering your gutters.

Leaf Guard for Australian Roof Types

corrugated roof

Corrugated roof

ScreenTech corrugated gutter protection, including corrugated saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond colours. Available to suit corrugated valley.

tile roof gutter guard manor red

Tile roof

ScreenTech roof tiles gutter protection includes trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond colours and terracotta colours. Available to suit tile valley gutters.

Trim Dek roof

ScreenTech Trim Dek gutter protection including Trim Dek saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond colours. Available to suit roof-to-roof Trim Dek.

Klip-Lok roof

ScreenTech Klip-Lok gutter protection including Klip-Lok saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond colours. Available to suit roof-to-roof Klip-Lok.

Leaf Guard for Australian Roof Types​


- Proven over 20 years
- High strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly


- Commercial standard
- Extreme strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly


- BAL40 & BAL-FZ-rated
- Custom Made Solution
- Colorbond Steel Mesh
- Bespoke bushfire protection product

solar mesh bird protection

Solar mesh

- Designed for solar panels
- Durabile clip-on fittings
- Maximised air flow design
- Bird and vermin proof

ScreenTech Supplies Local Companies

ScreenTech supplies gutter guard solutions to local professional installers Australia-wide. We team up with the best in the business. Don’t hesitate – just call ScreenTech, and get the name of your local supplier today.

Custom Gutter Protection

With over 20-years’ experience supplying leaf guard solutions in Australia, we have encountered many different roof types and fixtures. Our gutter guard products with powder coating suit box gutters, parapets, bull nose and other commercial roofs. We pride ourselves in supplying quality and professional advice for your gutter guard project.

Australian Colorbond Gutter Guards

Our products come in a complete array of Colorbond colours to perfectly match the roof to the gutter. Our powder-coated mesh and accessories are colour matched for durability and optimal roofing aesthetics for your property.

Commercial Gutter Guard

Commercial buildings benefit from leaf guards preventing leaf and debris build-up that can cause property and stock damage. We provide solutions to commercial and industrial buildings Australia-wide.

Do you want to be a

ScreenTech Installation Partner?

Want to become an installation partner and benefit from the best gutter guard products in Australia? Get in contact today with ScreenTech and benefit from industry advice, quality products and wholesale pricing.


Yes. A leafguard protects your gutters from heavy downpours. If you live in tropical climates or areas prone to steady heavy rain, we recommend a commercial-grade mesh for added durability and strength. Visit our TuffMesh page for more details.

Metal gutter protection systems are most popular for homeowners and gutter guard installers alike. Typically, plastic gutter guards are less durable, fire-resistant and long-lasting, and prone to colour fading over time compared to metal gutter guards.

We do recommend poly gutter guards for coastal properties and galvanised roofs. 

Aluminium gutter guard is the metal of choice. Aluminium gutter guards are more robust and non-reactant. Steel gutter guards systems are powder-coated, but they will react and rust more quickly as the coating breaks down. The aluminium gutter guard’s extruding process offers more longevity and strength than steel welding. View our GutterMesh & TuffMesh aluminium ranges and steel mesh ranges.

Yes. Leaf guard protects downpipes if you choose a complete house solution.

Our TuffMesh range has complied with an AS4020 rating which means it is drinking water compliant.

We recommend a special leaf guard for solar panel protection. Our Solar Mesh is a wire mesh that promotes increased airflow meaning your panels do not heat up and diminish the energy your panels can collect per day.