Gutter Guard Solutions

High Quality Products For Every Gutter Guard Solutions

Blocked Gutters

  • Reduce blocked gutters with gutter protection
  • Gutter guard solution for pine needles and other debris
  • Protect tank water with gutter protection systems
  • Prevent clogged gutters on all gutter & roof types
  • Reduce maintenance and gutter cleaning
  • Extend the lifespan of your gutters, downpipes, & roof

  • Prevent property damage from bird nesting
  • Protect your health from mites, disease and salmonella
  • Minimise other unwanted pests like mosquitoes, possums and vermin
  • Stop bird noises in your roof
  • Protect solar panels from birds resting underneath
  • Protect native Australian birds by proofing against invasive species
  • ember attack bushfire protection

    Bushfire Protection

  • Protect your home against ember attack with ember guard
  • Keep your gutters clear in bushfire-prone areas
  • Ensure water tank reserves flow freely
  • Be prepared for bushfire season and limit gutter cleaning
  • Reduce access to other roof and gutter spaces with ember guards
  • Ember proof your solar panels
  • solar panel bird proofing

    Solar Panel Bird Proofing

  • Prevent solar panels from bird-related damage
  • Protect your health from mites, disease and salmonella
  • Avoid solar panel warranty issues
  • Stop bird noises on your roof and panels
  • Solar mesh is designed to increase airflow and reduce moisture
  • Ember proof solar panels in bushfire-prone areas
  • commercial gutter guard

    Commercial Gutter Guard

  • 1000+ Commerical installs
  • 3,000 leaf guard combinations
  • Commercial ember guard products
  • Commercial bird proofing products
  • Design & quoting services
  • 25+ Colorbond® colours
  • rainwater harvesting Australia

    Rainwater Harvesting

  • Australian drinking standard AS4020 compliant
  • Protect rainwater tanks at the gutters from debris & leaves
  • CSIRO tested flammability index of zero
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating
  • Filter water for intended water usage
  • 25+ Colorbond® colours
  • Gutter Guard Products

    Screen Tech includes several ranges of the best gutter guards to meet the needs of your next gutter guard job. Our gutter guards work to keep your gutters clear and never restrict water flow.


    - Proven over 20 years
    - Aluminium mesh
    - Ember guard
    - Poly mesh


    - Commercial-grade gutter protection system
    - High-quality aluminium
    - Ember Guard
    - Poly mesh


    - Colorbond® steel
    - BAL40 & BAL-FZ-rated
    - Custom Made Solution
    - Bespoke bushfire protection product

    solar mesh bird protection

    Solar mesh

    - Designed for solar panels
    - Galvanised or steel wire
    - Maximised air flow design

    ScreenTech Supplies Local Companies

    ScreenTech supplies gutter guard protection products to local professional gutter guard installation teams or installers Australia-wide. We team up with the best in the business. Call ScreenTech, and get the name of your local Screen Tech gutter guard installer today.

    Trade Estimation Service

    With over 20 years of experience supplying and installing gutter guards in Australia, we have encountered many different roof types and fixtures. Our powder-coated gutter guard products suit box gutters, parapets, bull nose and other commercial roofs. Quoting your customers for gutter guard installation has always been challenging with our Estimation service. We will quote your next job off building plans or online maps.

    Do you want to be a

    ScreenTech Installation Partner?

    Want to become an installation partner and benefit from the best gutter guard products in Australia? Get in contact today with ScreenTech and benefit from industry advice, quality products and wholesale pricing.


    Our gutter guards suit different gutter systems, such as roof valleys, box gutters, bull nose gutters, standard gutters and parapets. We offer various roof gutter guard mesh options for the specific roof type or gutter system with different mesh width lengths, mesh types and hole sizes. Our gutter guard systems attach to the gutter edge of any gutter system and fix to metal roofs with saddles, clips and screws or under the second row of tiles.

    Our gutter guards work on several metal roof profiles, including flat roofs, corrugated, Trimdek®, Klip-Lok® and tiled roof profiles.


    ScreenTech corrugated gutter protection, including corrugated saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond® colours. Available to suit corrugated valley.


    ScreenTech roof tiles gutter protection includes trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond® colours and terracotta colours. Available to suit tile valley gutters.


    ScreenTech Trimdek® gutter protection, including Trimdek® saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond® colours. Available to suit roof-to-roof Trimdek®.


    Screen Tech Klip-Lok® gutter protection, including Klip-Lok® saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond® colours. Available to suit roof-to-roof Klip-Lok®.


    Screen Tech gutter guards are also adaptable for a flat roof profile, including saddles, trims, mesh and screws in Colorbond® colours. Available to suit roof-to-roof, roof-to-wall and roof-to-gutter fixtures. Gutter guards that create a flat surface require more. 

    It is also essential to look at the roof’s angles to ensure you get the correct installation. Call us if you need assistance finding the best gutter guard products for your roof pitch. 


    Our gutter guard is part of an integrated mesh gutter guard system that integrates with your specific roof type and gutter. It is the most comprehensive and long-lasting gutter guard on the market and is the best gutter guard. Other DIY gutter guards include vinyl guards, mesh panels, brush gutter guards and foam gutter guards. While most gutter guards are easy to install and keep roof gutters clean, they do not provide comprehensive protection for all gutter guard solutions.

    Yes. A gutter guard protects downpipes if you choose a complete integrated mesh system for the entire house.

    Our TuffMesh range has complied with an AS4020 rating, meaning it is drinking water compliant.

    Aluminium gutter guard is the metal of choice. Aluminium gutter guards are more robust and non-reactant. Steel gutter guards systems are powder-coated, but they will react and rust more quickly as the coating breaks down. The aluminium gutter guard’s extruding process offers more longevity and strength than steel welding. View our GutterMesh & TuffMesh aluminium ranges and steel mesh ranges.

    Metal gutter protection systems are most popular for homeowners and gutter guard installers. Typically, plastic gutter guards are less durable, fire-resistant and long-lasting, and prone to colour fading over time compared to metal gutter guards.

    We do recommend poly gutter guards for coastal properties and galvanised roofs.

    Yes. A gutter guard protects your gutters from heavy downpours. We recommend a commercial-grade mesh for added durability and strength if you live in tropical climates or areas prone to steady heavy rain. Visit our TuffMesh page for more details.

    The mesh hole size is the critical difference between an ember and a gutter guard. Many gutter guards are fire-resistant, but only gutter guards with an aperture size less than 2mm meet the ember guard compliancy.

    Gutter guard does not work with solar panels as the hole size is too small to allow optimal light and airflow. Our Solar Mesh is a wire mesh that promotes increased airflow meaning your panels do not heat up and diminish the energy your panels can collect daily. It also protects your solar panels from collecting leaf litter and bird materials that ignite in a bushfire.