Solar Panel Bird Protection

ScreenTech is the leading supplier of humane bird proofing products, including solar panel mesh kits to protect solar panels. Our SolarMesh prevents bird nests under solar panels preventing damage and warranty issues.

solar panel mesh protection

How solar panel mesh works

SolarMesh is a wire mesh that protects your solar panels from birds. Our solar panel bird mesh is manufactured in PVC coated stainless steel or galvanised material. Our Solar mesh ensures unrestricted airflow and solar arrays with a 12mm aperture ensuring the panels don’t overheat and diminish panel energy collection. Secure the mesh safely to the solar panels with our solar panel clips that prevent the panel’s damage and void the panel warranty.

Solar bird proofing in 3 simple steps


Assess solar panel protection needs for your solar panels.


Choose between our Solar Mesh or Solar Mesh Pro.


Connect with a ScreenTech installation partner to install.

solar panel bird protection

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Feathers or nesting materials on roof, gutters & panels
Load bird noises day or night
Increase bird droppings on the solar panels
Nesting material under the panel
Strong foul odours
Broken solar panels

Why you need solar panel bird mesh


Solar panels love to nest under your panels. Bird droppings permanently corrode aluminium frames and stain the solar panel facade.


Bird infestations risk your family’s health as droppings and fouling carry transmissible diseases and parasites, including salmonella, bird mites and lice.


Stopping birds nesting under the panels reduces nesting litter around roofing material, verandas and gutters for better aesthetics.


Baby birds are especially active and loud. Some bird species are nocturnal, while others live in communal families. Install SolarMesh for peace and quiet.


Damage to electrical wiring due to birds may void warranties provided by your solar providers. Installing solar mesh reduces maintenance costs and saves you money.


Pigeons are the most common pest birds to nest under solar panels. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and attract other pests to your home.

solar panel bird proofing mesh

Solar Mesh Kit

Stainless Steel or Galvanised

Strong mesh to prevent possum, bird and vermin attack.

12mm Aperture

Increase breathability and decrease moisture under the solar panels

Clip Options

Compatible with poly or metal solar clips for a complete solution.

Bird Proofing Mesh Products


- Proven over 20 years
- High strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly


- Commercial standard
- Extreme strength and durability
- Aluminium
- Ember Guard
- Poly

solar mesh bird protection

Solar mesh

- Specially designed for solar panels
- Durabile clip-on fittings
- Maximised air flow design
- Bird and vermin proof

ScreenTech Supplies Local Companies

ScreenTech supplies gutter guard and 100% bird proofing solutions to local installers and pest control partners Australia-wide. We team up with the best in the business to ensure a comprehensive bird proofing solution. Don’t hesitate – call ScreenTech, and get the name of your local supplier today. 

100% Bird Proofing Solutions

A complete birds proofing service includes proofing the entire home, including gutters, roof cavity access and solar panels. Use a mixture of bird proofing and gutter guard to ensure that your home stays 100% bird-proof.

Bird proof commercial buildings

Commercial bird proofing projects are complex, requiring an integrated bird prevention solution. Focusing on prevention is key to preventing birds and problems in a bird free-environment. We recommend using our solution combined with other prevention methods, such as bird netting, spikes and technologies, to make your commercial property bird-free.

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The only way to ensure that you stop birds nesting from under the solar panels is to deny them access to them. Using a solar mesh, you can fix the mesh around the outside of the panels, which reduces damage caused by birds and prevents leaves and other debris from accumulating under the panels.

A complete bird proofing solution is only possible after thoroughly inspecting all possible entry points and property areas. Installers must secure the mesh to all locations and prevent birds from settling down to roost or nest. A complete solution includes proofing solar panels on the roof.

A solar mesh kit comes with coated stainless steel mesh or galvanised mesh with a 12mm hole size. The hole size of the mesh is vital to ensure optimal airflow and light through the panel, preventing moisture damage that will reduce the efficiency of the panels.

Fix the mesh directly to the roof, but use solar panel clips to attach the mesh securely to the solar panel. This ensures you do not damage the panels, and you get completed solar panel protection.

Hire an experienced team to install the solar panel mesh kit to roofs and panels for peace of mind.

No. Attaching bird spikes or similar products to your solar panels may cause damage to the panels, reduce efficiency and void any warranties. For the best solar panel protection, use our SolarMesh system.

Once a pigeon nests under your solar panels, physical removal or waiting until they leave the nest is the only option. Most pigeons will return to the solar panel mesh even after nesting seasons because the panels offer complete protection and warmth.

Pest control services offer removal services; however, you must be careful that these companies do not damage or break the panels in the removal process. For the best solar panel protection against pigeons, install a SolarMesh system before they nest under the panels.

It depends on the material, fixing and the area that requires bird proofing. A solar panel mesh kit will cost between $150-$200 on average for residential houses, but this does not include installation labour costs – we recommend professional installation of the product to avoid damage or warranty voids.