Gutter Guard Case Study: AquaRevo Estate Development

Aluminium Gutter Guard Project at AquaRevo sustainable development estate. 

The AquaRevo Estate project was a sustainable estate development combating climate change and sustainable living in a collaboration between South East Water and Villawood Properties. ScreenTech’s supplied TuffMesh Aluminium for 460 homes in Lyndhurst, southeast Melbourne with Victorian installation partner Aussie Gutter Protection.  



AquaRevo Sustainable Development Estate 

Installation Locations

  • 460 residential homes 
  • Commercial roof types for the estate’s water plant features. 

Property & Roof Features

  • Corrugated roof ® 
  • Hips and gable form roofs
  • Coastal skillion roof styles 
  • High pitched roofs 
  • Trimdek® with large box gutters on the estates commercial roofs
  • Single + multiple storey 

Project Time Frame

  • Multiple sites, built-in stages over years
Installation Partner 
  • Aussie Gutter Protection

Gutter guard solution

  • TuffMesh® Aluminium  mesh  with AS 4020 drinking standards


ScreenTech partnered with South East Water & Villawood Properties as the preferred supplier of a gutter guard solution for the AquaRevo project in Lyndhurst, southeast Melbourne. The AquaRevo project aims to create and model a sustainable residential development with unprecedented water efficiency combating climate change and drought. 

All 460 homes in the development have a Rain-to-Water System that screens, filters and treats the rainwater for use in the home for non-drinking purposes for outdoor and indoor use. Water use includes toilets, washing machines, laundry, showers and bathing and dishwashers. 

The first component of the Rain-to-Water System includes a gutter guard that filters water collected in the gutter and drainpipes from the leaves and debris. The gutter guard needed to meet Australian AS 4020 Drinking Water Standards for water use in the homes. 

Other considerations for the project included architectural styles such as; the roofing aesthetics and Colorbond colours. Roof shapes with hips and gable roof forms, coastal skillion roof styles were popular choices for architects and higher pitch degrees were common features to maximise the catchment of rainwater. 

Gutter profiles included standard gutter profiles and box gutters especially to maximise water catchment area.  

The properties ranged from a mix of single and double-storey housing. Each house on the estate had architectural differences so all the properties had to be quoted after architect and homeowner approval. The last consideration was the timeframe, for example, the properties were built on multiple sites across multiple stages. The gutter guard needed to be fitted during the build, so our commercial estimators quoted from each homes plans. 


The first component of the Rain to Hot Water System needed to filter rainwater from the gutters, downpipes and rain heads leading into the tank water. 

The gutter guard must meet AS/NZS 4020 designed to test any products in contact with drinking water. The standard ensures that drinking water in contact with such products meets nationally recommended water quality values.

ScreenTech’s TuffMesh Alumuminium is tested and certified specific to the requirements of a gutter guard product:  

Taste of water: Does the gutter guard release any compounds that impart discernible taste?

The appearance of water: Does the gutter guard change the colour or turbidity of the water it filters?

Growth of aquatic micro-organisms support: Does the water’s dissolved oxygen levels over 8 weeks support bacterial growth?

Cytotoxic activity of water extract: Does the water filtered by the gutter guard have any adverse effect on cell health? (water extract is placed in contact with mammalian cell lines)

Mutagenic activity: Does a  AMES test show any changes to the bacteria’s genetic nature (or mutagenic activity evidence)? 

Metal traces: Are there any traces of arsenic, antimony, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, selenium and silver within Australian standard limits?  

Our TuffMesh Aluminium gutter guard products are  AS/NZS 4020 tested and certified.

TuffMesh® EmberGuard Profile

Tuffmesh aluminium gutter guard


This versatile gutter guard product is suitable for general gutter protection and commercial projects such as box gutters and parapets. The thicker mesh is most suitable against possum and vermin attack. It is highly recommended for domestic application and its flexibility and strength also makes it a suitable bird proofing solution. 

Features and benefits:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Powder Coating D1010
  • AS4020 Accredited
  • 0 Flammability Index
  • MFG
  • 20-year material warranty


  • LWG: 6.25mm
  • SWG: 4.25mm
  • Manufactured to AS 3959 – 1999
  • Strand Thickness 0.7mm
  • Hole Size: 3.5mm x 3.0mm
  • 50m rolls x 1m at 33.6kg including
    Powder Coating

Colour Options:


Classic Cream®

Cottage Green®

Dark Brown

Deep Ocean®


Evening Haze®




Manor Red®


Night Sky®

Pale Eucalypt®


Shale Grey®





Woodlands Grey®



This product can be cut by the meter to suit any length or width and supplied in a kit.

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