Gutter Guard Kits

Prior to ordering your Gutter Guard Kit you will need to know the following:

  1. What type of roof you will be installing to – refer to our Roof Types page.
  2. How many metres of mesh you need – measure the total length of your roof.
  3. Choose a mesh to suit your requirements.
  4. Know your gutter type (Standard hanging gutter/ Box gutter).

Kits include the following standard components:


Gutter Guard Kits come with mesh from our Guttermesh or Tuffmesh ranges with the option of 5 standard widths and up to 22 colorbond colours to choose from. Kits are purchased per metre of mesh. Custom Mesh Widths are available upon request.

Refer to Mesh Features for further information.


Gutter Guard Kits include one of the above clips to fit your roof (excl. Tile, Slate and Decking which do not require clips). With up to 26 colorbond colours available, we will match clips to your chosen mesh colour.

Gutter Trims

Gutter Trims are included in your kit when installing to either Standard, or Box Gutters:

  • Standard Gutter Trim (90 degree angle)
  • Box Gutter Trim (20 degree)

Trims come in one metre lengths and have up to 25 colorbond colours to choose from.


The majority of kits will include Hex S/D screws although some specialty kits and Tuffmesh Ember require roofing screws and button head stitching screws.

Hex screws are colour matched to your mesh.


Silicon can be purchased separately if required for Tile roof kits.

Tubes are available in four different colours (including translucent) and can be purchased individually or in a box of 25.

Gutter Guard Kit – Example

The following are components for a Trimdek Roof Kit, fixing to a Standard Gutter. The Kit includes:

  • 1 metre of Mesh (by width choice: 250, 333 or 500 mm)
  • 6 Trimdek Saddles
  • 1 Standard Gutter Trim
  • 6 Hex S/D Screws.