Super-Dek Klip-Lok® Roof Clip | Gutter Guard Game-changer

Gutter protection has always been at the forefront of Australian architectural designs, especially with our country’s unique climate and the predominance of distinctive roofing styles, notably the Klip-Lok® design. With the increasing intricacies of new builds and a heightened demand for modern and resilient roofing solutions, it’s evident that a more advanced solution for gutter protection was needed.

Enter the Supa-Deck Klip-Lok® Clip—a product birthed from addressing the nuanced challenges specific to Australian roofing and setting a new gold standard in gutter protection.

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Addressing Australian Klip-Lok® Roof Challenges

The Klip-Lok® design, quintessentially Australian, has been widely adopted due to its durability and sleek aesthetics. However, such roofs have unique challenges, especially in ensuring that gutter protection meets Australian standards and requirements.

Traditional gutter protection solutions often have issues due to non-compliance or sheer inefficiency in design. Recognising this gaping need in the market, thorough R&D went into the conceptualisation and creation of the Supa-Deck Klip-Lok® clip.

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Technical Superiority and Applicability

Supa-Deck Klip-Lok® clip isn’t just another product; it embodies technical superiority tailored to the needs of roofers, trades and architects. The clip’s design ensures seamless accommodation of diverse Australian roofing structures, box gutters or the standard Klip-lok rows.

What truly stands out is the snap-fix design. With strategic placement, a single screw ensures the mesh remains firmly anchored, providing robust protection to the gutters. The design promises efficiency and cuts installation time—a boon for tradespeople often grappling with tight schedules.

Klip-lok gutter guard clip

Roof Compatibility

  • Lysaght® Klip-Lok® Hi Strength
  • Lysaght® Klip-Lok®  406
  • Lysaght® Klip-Lok® Classic
  • Fielders KingKlip®
  • Metroll Metlok®
  • Revolution Revklip
  • Stramit Speed Deck Ultra®

Features and benefits:

  • Double-ribbed
  • CSIRO tested and endorsed
  • Complies with AS3959 – 1999
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating
  • Aluminium

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Innovation & Reinvention of Clip Design

Traditional solutions in the Australian market often lean towards heavier gauge materials as a makeshift solution to fortify their products. However, this approach, although providing strength, often compromised on flexibility—a pivotal aspect considering the diverse roof shapes inherent to Australian designs.

The Supa-Deck Klip-Lok® clip took a different route. Instead of merely bolstering the material, the design incorporated an innovative rating system. This move resulted in dual benefits. First, it enhanced the structural strength of the clip, ensuring longevity and durability. Simultaneously, it preserved the clip’s flexibility, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to various roof contours. This holistic approach underscores a comprehensive understanding of tradespeople and architects’ real-world challenges and attempts to address them head-on.

Why It Matters to Tradesmen & Architects

In the fast-paced world of construction and design, efficiency, reliability, and compliance are non-negotiable. A gutter guard system with the Supa-deck Klip-Lok® clips in our gutter guard system checks all these boxes.

For tradespeople, the system promises reduced installation time without compromising the quality of the final output. Its adaptability ensures that a single, reliable solution can address diverse roofing styles.

On the other hand, architects can now promise their clients a roofing solution that looks good and boasts cutting-edge functionality. The reliability and longevity offered by the system mean fewer maintenance calls and enhanced client satisfaction.

To our fellow tradespeople and esteemed architects, experience firsthand the confluence of design, efficiency, and durability in our Klip-Lok® gutter protection system with the Supa-Deck Klip-Lok® clip.

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