Using gutter guards to increase the sustainability of your design 

Water sustainability is a big feature of any environmentally friendly home. Gutter guards are the quickest way to turn your gutters into a water-saving-machine. This is especially important as only 1% of the earth’s water is available for drinking. Being sustainable with the use of water is important. If we all used recycled, rain and drinking water conservatively we could use up to 70% less water in total. Our products are a cheap, easy way to integrate more sustainability into every life.

Gutter guards are also an easy solution to many building issues. They can reduce rust on gutters, maintain roof health, and keep away vermin. Reducing gutter debris and strain will ensure that the gutters last for a longer period of time. Better maintenance of your gutters will increase the time between maintenance itself. But living in a beautiful country like Australia, we’re concerned about protecting the environment. They allow the use of rainwater to be more efficient, as the gutter guards act as a preliminary filter. Gutter guards sold by us can filter water to match the AS4020 water standard. This will allow you to reserve water for your gardens and outdoor cleaning. It is an integral part of a unique water sustainability measures. We are proud to be able to offer a one of a kind partnership with Screen Tech, providing both installation and product services. We are thought leaders in Australian gutter technology. They’ve placed their trust in our company to provide Australian homes with this innovative and sustainable design.

Gutters are often a risk for local wildlife. The impact on the environment for trapping local animals is significant. A safer home is one which allows animals to pass through your property free of risk. Not to mention, in case of an environmental hazard like a rain or firestorm poorly maintained gutters damage homes and natural habitats by overflowing or growing vermin infestations. Poorly maintained gutters are also fire-risks as uncleaned gutters can fuel fires.

Overall, gutter guards are a cheap sustainability option that allows individuals to take control of the impact they have on the earth.

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