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Screen Tech are leaders in their field and have cultivated a cohort of knowledgeable staff who can guide businesses towards making the best choice for their clients. They were the first company in Australia to offer a 100% Aluminium solar skirt solution that requires no drilling when installing them. Instead, the skirt is attached to the solar panels using special aluminium clips as well as our incredibly durable Tuffmesh. We take great pride in the quality of our products, and so we will guarantee this system for 25 years. This guarantee is the same length of time as the warranty on most solar panels. This will allow you to be confident that your investment is well protected.

We are a specialised company that offers the widest range of gutter products in Australia. Their expertise means that they can direct you on which six mesh types and fittings will best suit your situation. The current product range is offered in conjunction with a variety of fittings, including corrugated, tile, klip-lok, and trimdek roofs. We can provide these products in all colorbond colours, but a complete list is available on our website. We are can also cater for specially developed house colours for tile roof applications like terracotta and dark brown. The products are also available for next day shipment, offering you flexibility as you order.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing these products in-house so that all products can be custom fitted to suit any building needs. In a country like Australia, versatility and durability are important for any quality builder. Buildings need to be able to withstand various extreme weather scenarios and last the test of time.

As a local Australian company, we pride ourselves on being leaders in innovation and development. We have been at the forefront of the gutter community and are trusted advisors for many businesses. As such, our team have developed better fixings using specialised stamped aluminium and steel. We use ribbed structures in these products to provide increased strength which improves the longevity of the product. This increased life means that we have confidence and provide a lifetime warranty. As a testament to the quality of our products, we haven’t had a warranty claim for 20 years.

We were behind the development of Tuffmesh. Tuffmesh is the world’s leading product for strong mesh that can withstand the needs of today’s weather conditions. Tuffmesh features a thicker mesh so it can withstand heavy debris, ice, or snow build-up. Despite the stronger product, the gutter retains the flexibility to form to your roof, ensuring a great, long-lasting fit.

Further, we pioneered using a gutter guard as the first stage in a rainwater capture system. This system is environmentally sustainable and passes AS4020 Australian drinking water standards. It is a brilliant addition to any eco-home or water-saving home. The gutter guard is economical and durable as other models, working in well with multiple building scenarios. If you require further advice, please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable staff for further advice.

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