Why Solar Mesh is a MUST & NOT an Optional Extra

Installing solar mesh on rooftop solar panels have become a necessity in Australia as it forms a protective barrier to potential bushfire threats. The installation prevent rodents, birds, and leaves from getting under the solar panels. This makes the solar mesh an absolute necessity and not an optional extra.

Bushfires have been raging through various regions of Australia destroying lives, business, and property. They have devastated our environment and neighbourhood. Accumulated leaf litter is one such factor that trigger bushfires. In the summer months, the accumulated dry leaves transform into dry fuel which increase the chances of a fire hazard.

It is best to protect housing and commercial property from the accumulation of dry leaves or nesting materials from roosting birds, especially under the space below the solar panels, as these may act as kindling for embers in a bushfire. A simple solar mesh will do the trick!

Solar Panel Bird Proofing protects from Damages Caused by Animals and Birds Nesting Underneath

Small birds and rodents prefer to stay in the space beneath the panels. These spaces protect the rodents from the elements, especially as they are dry and comfortable. However, they create a lot of mess on your customers’ rooftops and produce a rotten smell. The longer they remain, the greater the damage caused to the solar panels. Bird spikes are often  not an effective deterrent and other bird deterrents have mixed results.

Solar mesh prevent this from happening by bird proofing the solar panels. These leave no space for birds to roost and animals to rest underneath. The small mesh holes protect the panels from animals, but leave sufficient space for free airflow under the panels.

Though rodents do not cause any direct damage to the solar array, they bite into the wiring and the electric components, causing a short circuit in the wiring, which may lead to a fire hazard. When birds nest under solar panels, bird droppings accumulate in these spaces, which may then generate various types of diseases such as salmonella.

Pigeons have become prolific nesters under solar panels especially in Sydney and NSW. Pigeon proofing  solar panels will help keep these infestations away with a humane bird control solution

Solar Mesh Stop Debris Such As Leaves Collecting Under the Panels Which Become a Bushfire Hazard

Flammable debris like dry leaves have larger chances of igniting. It is feared that the leaves that pile up under the solar panel may be a cause for a fire waiting to take place. If your customer lives in a rural region where there are more trees, this causes a lot of concern to the people living there. Eucalyptus leaves are said to have oil content are considered easily flammable.  Flammable debris like leaves usually gather under the solar panels. Over a period of time, they accumulate as dry piles of leaves trap heat, which may also trigger a fire. This also worsens the efficiency of the solar panels.

Solar Mesh Prevent Wet Debris Accumulating Under the Panel That May Speed Up Corrosion on Metal Roofs

Storm and wet weather conditions can make the leaves under the solar panels wet and take a longer time to dry. The wet leaves corrode the metal roofs on top of the house, and there are chances of electrical arcing or equipment failure. If there is a build-up of ice from hail in the space under the solar panel, it may bring in an expansion strength, which puts pressure on the roof and the system. You can protect your customer’s precious solar panels from such hazards and prevent their investment from destruction with solar mesh.

Get High Quality Solar Mesh and Clips

At Screen Tech we have a range of options including UV stable nylon fasteners, Aluminium j hooks and aluminium clips patented by screen tech. Our Range of special solar wire mesh products comes in Stainless Steel PVC coated mesh we also have aluminium mesh available all of which have been tested in Australian conditions. At Screen Tech our Solar Panel mesh kits are designed to be installed quickly by an installer and come with an up to 20 year warranty depending on the solution chosen. They represent a cost effective pest control solution.

Solar Mesh Provide a Finished Look and Blend In with Roofs with 24 Mesh Colours to Choose From

Solar mesh provides a finished look to the solar panels and enhance the look of a homeowners house. The rooftop gets a completed finish as the wire tails and hangings are completely hidden from view. You customer can choose from our 24 mesh colours to beautify their rooftops and to match to the colour of their house. A bird mesh brings down cleaning and maintenance costs too. With protective steel mesh, you can keep out pests and prevent the solar installation from accumulating debris.

Solar mesh are protective barriers that have become an absolute necessity and not an optional extra for homes in Australia. Being a lead in the industry, you want to make the best partnerships to provide your customers with only the best products.

The devastation of the bushfires have affected thousands of homes and businesses. Everyone should do their part in preventing the fires from happening, not just our firies. While they have been tirelessly working round the clock, we all have a responsibility to contributing to hazard reduction.

Including solar mesh and offering these products to your customers with a free quote can often make them aware of how they could help protect themselves against possums, feral pigeons  and pest birds that might take advantage of the shelter provided by homeowners installing solar panels.

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