6 reasons solar companies should offer Solar Mesh products

If you are not providing your customers with solar mesh, you’re missing out – BIG TIME!

Solar Mesh or solar skirts enhance the solar panels’ appeal when installed on rooftops. They essentially provide a clean and finished look to the solar panels as they cover up the wires and mounts exposed underneath the panels and prevent damage caused by birds and rodents. Installing a solar mesh is an affordable solution that will improve the performance of solar panels and increase your margins.

Let’s explore the added benefits of installing a solar skirt in greater detail.

Maximise Solar Power

Scaffold structures are erected to install solar panels for domestic and commercial purposes, and roof access areas are already built in many modern buildings. Thus, it is relatively easy for solar panel technicians to install solar mesh.

Solar skirts or mesh are designed to fit easily without time-consuming work such as measuring, cutting and bending. They can be pre-cut to size according to requirements and fitted with the scaffolding present.

Solar mesh is particularly useful for extending the life of a solar panel. Made up of a mesh-like material, solar skirts reduce maintenance cost and promotes ventilation around the solar panel. This is important to ensure that these precious and costly panels don’t repeatedly replaced.

An Inclusive Package

The benefits provided by a solar skirt is immense, and it is a great ROI given that it is simply a PVC coated wire mesh. Hence, it is beneficial for everyone, both for businesses like yourself and customers to get a combined package of solar panel plus skirt. It’s almost like a mobile phone cover to a mobile phone. Most clients would ask for it, and almost every one of them would appreciate the added product.

Solar panels provide clean energy services for both residential and commercial purposes to customers. When you provide solar skirts along with solar panels, they allow customers to have a one-stop-shop to get everything at the same place. This prevents them from dealing with outside contractors for just the solar skirt.

With this added product, customers will prefer the convenience and appreciate the value-add from buying a solar panel from you.

ZERO additional cost

It requires no training costs for the same technicians installing solar panels to do so for solar skirts in order to provide additional protection to the system. It is an added benefit with minimal effort.

As the solar panels can be easily damaged, installing solar skirts will enhance the safety of the system while utilising the same staff. They can be fitted within seconds and tightened with clamps easily and does not involve additional costs.

A Marketing Edge

Solar skirts are cost-effective and add elegance to the solar panel. They are easy to fit and snap into place to provide a clean and distinctive look. The catalogues including solar skirts add a marketing edge to your product line as they show customers the benefits of installing them. Easy-to-follow instructions, fast installation and fewer costs are some unique selling points that attract more customers to your range of products which can improve sales.

Multiple Colour Options and Price Points

With an unmatched product range, customers can choose from the various colours offered to suit their requirements.  Solar skirts have vast colour options available at multiple price points. Rather than selling products at fixed prices, you can price-match and introduce promotions according your customer’s preference.  This will generate more profit for your customers and help you capture a wider market share.

Preventing the Main Cause of Solar Panel Panic

Your customers love the environmental benefits of the solar panels, but wildlife gets in the way. It is important to highlight this point, especially to new customers, since birds and rodents are the number one cause of solar panels becoming broken. Birds and rodents prefer the space under the panels as they are dry and protect them from the elements of nature. Moreover, the heat generated from the panels provides a warm environment which they love.

Many customers tend to panic when their solar panel is broken or when they see a dead animal on it. Yes, these energy-generating panels are great but they are also the favourite of animals. Therefore, including a solar skirt into your line of products provides assurance to many customers about the issue.

Prevents Bushfire Risk

Debris and leaves get under the solar panel, which increase the risk of a bushfire during summer. Given the impact of the current Australian Bushfire episode, it is important to highlight to customers ways they can prevent occurrences of it from happening in their compounds. Everyone is keen to help out and get in on this as the bushfires have had a devastating impact on our communities.

Solar skirts prevent such accumulation of debris and improve the unrestricted flow of air around the panels. They will reduce the risk of embers that may start a bushfire. The aluminium screen products fit the Australian fire standards and will not ignite easily.

With these unique selling points, it is apparent that the ROI of including solar skirts into your range of products is huge! The solar skirts offer a huge number of benefits to customers, keeping them content with the product.

Time to include this product into your catalogue!

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