Why Roofing Companies Should Add Screen Tech Gutter Guard To Your Product Range.

As a roofing provider, you aim to deliver durable and safe products to your customers. The best roofs are the ones which comply with the highest standard of quality as set out by Australian Standard AS 1562.1:2018 and prevent cluttering in gutters.

With trained technicians and compliance approvals under your belt, you as a roofing provider are ready for business. However, what sets you apart from the competition in the market? You might provide exceptional warranties and personalised and free quotes and assessments to your customers. You may also be partnering with the best in the industry for the materials. But what edge can you provide so that customers in need of a roofing specialist select your company?

Introducing Screen Tech Gutter Guards

Adding Screen Tech gutter guard to each roof installation job can enhance your brand to your customers. It is like them buying a laptop and getting the option of selecting a personalised and well-fitted laptop case that is made from the finest waterproof material.

One-Stop Shop

With a gutter guard, your customers have the option to shop for all their roofing needs in one place. The Screen Tech gutter guard not only protects roofing so repeated roofing would not be required, it promotes ventilation and prevents dirt and animals from being trapped at the gutter of roofs. With these added benefits, it is a sure-win with customers when they have the option to include these within their packages on the spot! This prevents customers from having to have the hassle of outsourcing or reaching out to random contractors who may not understand the freshly-installed roof as well to install the gutter guard. As a result, your customer be left with an overall bad experience of the roofing, even though you might have done a brilliant job at providing the initial roofing services.

What is Required?

Setting up the Screen Tech gutter guards onto roofing jobs is fairly simple. What’s needed is a scaffold where the roof fits onto, and that provides a mould over where the gutter guard can enmesh itself over. This can be easily done with roof access, which is accessible for roofing technicians during the job. Therefore, there isn’t much set-up cost that needs to be considered when incorporating the Screen Tech gutter guard during roofing jobs.

What about Training?

Roofing technicians are not required to gain a new compliance certification in order to install the gutter guards with roof materials. The very same technicians who are looking after the roofing projects can look at placing the Screen Tech gutter guards along with the roofing materials. It is easy to fit over the edges and can be moulded over even the toughest corners easily! Your roofing technicians will only need to be qualified in working at heights. Therefore, there is no additional cost to training when implementing the Screen Tech gutter guard into your range of products.

Give them a Choice!

Your customers might be impressed with the inclusion of the Screen Tech gutter guard into your roofing project, but what will really impress them is the breadth of choice in product range, from colour to type. This is great for your customers as they get to choose the right product for their requirements and likings at multiple price points!

Time to become a Market Leader

Including Screen Tech gutter guard into your product portfolio presents an invaluable marketing opportunity for your team. Your sales staff will be able to present these and your marketing team will be able to use the gutter guard to market them through promotions in combined roofing packages. This can give you a one-up advantage in the roofing industry and a leverage over your competitors.

What about Stocking Up?

If you’re interest has been piqued but you’re not fully convinced, then this feature of using the Screen Tech gutter guard will sure entice you! There is absolutely no upfront costs to buying and stocking the gutter guard as no warehousing is required. We provide on-demand delivery of the Screen Tech gutter guard. With our fast turnaround time, you can be sure to get the product as needed.

In the event you chose to stock up on the Screen Tech gutter guard, the product does not take up much space and does not require the facilities of a warehouse. For what it provides to your customers, it requires minimal storage needs. Thus, the ROI is great!

How the Screen Tech Gutter Guards can help prevent the Australian bushfires?

It is prudent that customers know the vital benefits of installing a gutter guard onto Australian roofs. With the onset of the recent Australian bushfires, many devastating events took place. A Screen Tech gutter guard prevents dry leaves and debris from accumulating in roof gutters during summer months. This prevents any onset of potential fires that might start from these materials. Screen Tech gutter guard aluminium products fit the Australian fire standards and will not light into flames easily.

With safety, variety, durability, marketing needs and high ROI checked, adding Screen Tech gutter guards to your product range can improve your revenue. It is time to add a new product to your range that will empower your roofing services create the impact your customers want.

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