Colorbond® Gutter Guard Complete Guide

Australian Colorbond® gutter guards are outstanding for leaf protection, bird proofing, bushfire protection and rainwater harvest protection. Many gutter guard products are on the market, but Colorbond® gutter guards offer unique advantages and features.

One primary feature is the colour-matching capabilities meaning the gutter guard is matched to the roof and gutter colour for the most streamlined aesthetics. The gutter mesh and the fittings can match tiled, Klip-Lok®, Timdeck® and corrugated roofs and the Colorbond® steel or aluminium gutters.

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What are Colorbond® gutter guards?

Colorbond® gutter guards, also known as an integrated gutter mesh system, sit over the gutters attached to the roof designed to filter rainwater into the gutter. Gutter mesh prevents leaves and debris from accumulating in the guttering system, allowing the optimal flow of rainwater away from your home.

A Colorbond® gutter protection system is the most efficient and long-lasting gutter guard, considered the best gutter guard. It is the most efficient gutter protection due to its ski slope angle from the front gutter lip and roof side, creating a permanent and permeable protective barrier. It is used in both residential and commercial applications.

integrated gutter guard

It is the gutter guard of choice for roofing professionals and architects Australia-wide, but it is also popular in the DIY market. Your choice of gutter guard depends on your intended purpose, Australian outdoor conditions, budget and installation expectations.

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Colorbond® Gutter Guard Solutions

Leaf proofing

A Colorbond® leaf guard prevents clogged gutters and debris build-ups and significantly reduces gutter cleaning and property maintenance. Leaf guards protect the gutter systems, downpipes and Australian roofs from heavy downpours, high winds and tropical storms.

tuff mesh gutter guard

Reduce maintenance and gutter cleaning

Clogged gutters increase maintenance for businesses, homeowners and property managers. Regular cleaning is every 6-12 months, depending on your area.

It is important to remember that Colorbond® gutter guards do not eliminate gutter cleaning and maintenance but drastically reduce the frequency. Reduced gutter cleaning improves safety for maintenance teams and residents, preventing people working at heights from cleaning blocked gutters.

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Reduces property damage

A gutter guard ensures that water moves away from the property, preventing water damage. Therefore, it is suited to areas prone to heavy rainfall, extreme wind and weather conditions. The gutter guard offers additional durability reinforcing the gutter’s structural integrity.

Bushfire Protection against ember attack

Colorbond® ember guard products are the most effective bushfire protection against ember attacks. An ember attack occurs when airborne burning embers ignite litter in unprotected gutters. Colorbond® gutter protection will protect your home in Australian bushfire-prone areas.

An ember guard differs from a gutter guard with a minimum 2mm hole size per Australian standard. They are tested and certified BAL-rated with Low Flammability Index.

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Bird proofing

Colorbond® integrated mesh gutter guards are effective bird-proofing products. The gutter mesh prevents birds and other pests from accessing the gutter, roof spaces, and nesting. When applied with other bird prevention products, such as spikes and solar panel mesh, it can provide 100% complete bird protection.

A 100% bird-proofing guarantee is only possible by covering mesh over all entry points. However, vermin-proofing is much more difficult due to other entry points in foundations and walls. However, Colorbond® gutter guards reduce the risk of vermin and pests nesting in your gutters and roof.

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Rainwater harvesting

rainwater harvesting Australia

Colorbond® gutter guards are components of a complete rainwater harvesting system. It filters contaminants before reaching the water tank. Colorbond® gutter guards protecting portable water or household use must comply with AS4020 water standards. Plastic Colorbond® gutter guards do not meet these standards, so ensure to see Australian water standard certificates.

Commercial gutter guards

commercial gutter guard

Commercial gutter protection differs from a residential installation with various roof and gutter profiles. Colorbond® gutter guards also come in commercial-grade options. The mesh is 50% stronger and more flexible for use in a project with bracing and spanning without sagging. A commercial gutter guard is suitable for a 750mm wide gap without sagging while maintaining its strength and durability over time.

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Colorbond® Gutter Guard Benefits

Bushfire-rated ember guards

  • BAL-ratings
  • CSIRO fire rating
  • low flammability
  • 2mm hole size as per Australian standards
  • non-combustible
  • Colorbond® steel & aluminium mesh options

Tested for Australian conditions

  • strong resilience to the elements
  • effective against extreme winds, hail, snow and rainfall
  • withstand tropical rains and winds
  • poly mesh combats salty atmospheric corrosion in the air
Manor red tile roof with gutter guard

Tested for Australian conditions

  • 25 Colorbond® colours
  • colour-matching offers aesthetically pleasing results
  • optimal for sloped roof properties where the roof is more visually exposed

Powder-coated strength

  • powder coating prevents fading
  • strengthens the product’s structural stability
  • prevents corrosion on a Colorbond® roof

Colorbond® Gutter Guard Warranty

  • Colorbond® gutter protection
  • up to 15-25-year warranty
  • warranties vary based on material Colorbond® Steel, aluminium and polyethylene

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Colorbond® Materials

Plastic gutter mesh

Plastic gutter mesh is excellent for coastal areas and suitable for all roof profiles due to the high salt concentration. We recommend poly mesh as a non-reactive substance great for use with galvanised roofs.

Key features include:

  • UV Stabilised polyethylene
  • Suitable for Galvanised roofs
  • Suitable for coastal dwellers
  • Netlon process diamond mesh
  • Proven for over 20 years
  • Up to 15-year material warranty

Aluminium gutter mesh

Tuffmesh aluminium gutter guard

Aluminium gutter guards are the most popular in gutter guard protection due to their ability to span and fit many roof profiles. Aluminium mesh is coated in industry-leading coating for strength and durability. It also retains its colour for longer despite exposure to UV rays.

Key features include:

  • Flexible aluminium mesh materials & accessories
  • CSIRO tested a flammability index of zero
  • Complies with AS3959 – 1999
  • Australian Bushfire Standards
  • Ember guard products are available
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating
  • Up to a 25-year material warranty

Colorbond® steel mesh

Colorbond BlueScope® steel is the best steel type used widely on Australian properties. SteelMesh with a 2mm hole size is used for BAL-40 and FZ-rated properties. It is highly durable and robust for a Colorbond® roof.

Key features include:

  • Colorbond® steel
  • Ember guard-rated gutter protection
  • CSIRO non-combustible rated bushfire protection
  • BAL-40/FZ rated solution
  • Made in Australia
  • 20 Year Warranty

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integrated plastic gutter mesh

Roof Types

It comes in an array of Colorbond® colours colour-matched to Colorbond® roof or tiled roof colours. Metal roof gutter guard kits include the mesh, trims, and saddles secured with roofing screws. Gutter guard kits for tiled roofs include the mesh, trims secured with roofing screws and tucked under the second row of tiles.

You can install gutter guards kits for many roof types, including:

  • Corrugated roofs
  • Klip-Lok® roofs
  • Timdeck®
  • Tiled Roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Roof Valleys
  • Commercial roofs
tiled roof gutter guard

Gutter profile types

Most gutter guards are suitable for use with standard gutter profiles. For a more comprehensive gutter system protection, consider an integrated mesh system.

corrugated gutter guard

Standard guttering

  • Typical gutter widths are five and six inches
  • Seven-inch gutters found in tropical areas

Box gutters

  • Widely used in commercial properties
  • More than 500mm wide

Bull nose gutters

  • Typical in Australian heritage design,
  • Curve angle makes it more visible from the ground
  • Colorbond® gutter guards span


  • Typical in commercial properties
  • Parapet spans more than 500mm wide
  • Suits commercial gutter guard

Other fixtures

  • Roof-to-roof
  • Roof-to-valley
  • Roof-to-wall
  • Roof-to-commercial roof
  • Roof-to-rainhead
  • Wall-to-box gutter
roof to roof gutter guard

How to install Colorbond® gutter guards

The installation plays a significant factor in the type of gutter guard system. It is the gutter guard of choice for roofers and architects Australia-wide, but it is also popular in DIY.

DIY Options

As a safety precaution, all work at heights should be completed in pairs with a roof spotter. However, DIY sites supply integrated mesh systems and mesh panels in kits.

Colorbond® gutter guards are a little more complicated for a DIY installation. Speak to an installer to learn the difficulty of your home project.

Professional gutter guard installers

box gutters

There are several options available for the professional installation of gutter guards, including:

  • Accredited gutter guard installers
  • Roofers
  • Roofing plumbers
  • Local Handypeople

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Single & Double Storey installations

ScreenTech® recommends professional installers for multi-storey houses. Professionals must use safety harnesses and scaffolding as per safety regulations. Many single-storey homes require scaffolding to compete in a gutter guard project, so always check requirements.

Current Working at Heights Legislation makes it more challenging to complete maintenance working at heights, including installing gutter guards.

Do not attempt to do a double-storey house without heights training.

Want to know more? ScreenTech sends out Colorbond® gutter guard samples and guides to architects and discusses projects and considerations.

Look no further than ScreenTech’s TuffMesh®, GutterMesh, SteelMesh and SolarMesh products. Our mesh suits Klip-Lok®, Timdeck® corrugated roof types and tiled roofs. Get in touch with a ScreenTech installation partner today.

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