10 Architectural considerations for gutter mesh 

An integrated mesh system is a comprehensive, permanent gutter guard product loved by architects as a permanent and aesthetically-appealing solution. A complete system, also known as a leaf guard, includes a micro-mesh and fixtures – trims and saddles.

It is the most durable and sustainable gutter protection system for all roof types, including corrugated, trimdek®, Klip-Lok®, tiled, roof valley areas and more.

Here are ten considerations when selecting a gutter mesh for your integrated gutter mesh system for your next project:


What type of strength is required? A standard strength gutter guard is sufficient for most domestic applications, but properties that include box gutters or parapets will need a stronger commercial strength gutter guard for additional strength.

Commercial-grade gutter guard is 50% stronger and therefore doesn’t sag spanning gaps over 500mm wide, which increases strength and durability over time. ScreenTech’s TuffMesh® range is the best commercial-grade gutter guard on the Australian market.

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integrated gutter guard

The key to an integrated gutter mesh system is the mesh’s ski-slope permanently fixed to the outer edge of the gutter lip and roof or roof tiles. The slope encourages leaves and debris to slide to the ground while ensuring water does not sheet over the top of the gutter guard.
Installers must shape the mesh to specific roof areas. An aluminium mesh is more easily malleable. However, brittle materials like steel may be required for ember guard situations where an aluminium solution may not work.

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Gutter guard lifespan varies across products and materials. Typically, a comprehensive gutter guard, like an integrated gutter guard system, come with a 10-to-15-year warranty. Ember guards also include similar warranties between a 10-to-15-year warranty.

A commercial solution, both ember guard and gutter guard, typically includes an extended warranty of up to 25 years. We recommend matching the guttering, roof and gutter guard warranties. Thus, the best time to install a gutter guard is during construction.

Order a sample pack with commercial and standard gutter mesh samples. 


tuffmesh poly plastic gutter guard

Gutter guards come in an array of Colorbond® colours for corrugated, Klip-Lok® and Trimdek® roofs. ScreenTech also includes speciality colours such as terracotta for tiled roofs and zinc or uncoated.

ScreenTech boasts an impressive colour range of 25 colours. We also partner with topcoat powder-coating in Melbourne and can custom powder coat to any colour as a particular order on some products.


Colour Options:


Classic Cream®

Cottage Green®

Dark Brown

Deep Ocean®


Evening Haze®




Manor Red®


Night Sky®

Pale Eucalypt®


Shale Grey®





Woodlands Grey®


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A gutter guard can vary in appearance depending on the mesh thickness and the hole aperture size. ScreenTech encourages architects to use gutter guard photo guides for the best aesthetics.

Weather Resistance

The location, climate and weather conditions will affect your choice of material. Areas prone to severe hailstorms require a thicker mesh and would benefit from commercial-grade gutter mesh. Similarly, gutter guards in tropical regions suit integrated mesh systems with larger hole sizes to minimise sheeting during storms and heavy downpours.

Coastal applications in areas with high salt concentrations are more susceptible to rust and corrosion, so polyethylene gutter mesh is more suitable and durable. Larger hole sizes are also more suited to minimise sheeting during storms and heavy downpours.

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Rain harvesting

Gutter guards in rain harvesting systems must have an AS4020 rating for potable water use. Many property owners also like to use an AS4020-rated system for water used around children, pets or bathroom appliances.

Plastic gutter guards do not meet Australian drinking water standards. However, not all metal gutter guards meet these standards either. Always ask for Australian water standard certificates if using your gutter guard to filter tank water used in the home.


BAL Rating

Stratco gutters gutter guard

Buildings in bushfire-prone areas must use a BAL-rated gutter guard. Aluminium gutter guards and ember guards are suited to BAL12 and BAL29 areas. BAL40 & BALFZ-rated areas require steel or copper gutter mesh to comply with Australian standards.

Unlike gutter guards, ember guards have a hole size less than 2mm wide. The 2mm hole size prevents burning embers from igniting leaf litter that settles in your gutter system. Ensure the local planning requirements to determine your site’s type of ember guard category and build requirements.

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Pest Control

A gutter guard is excellent for pest control measures, but choosing the right gutter mesh the kind of pest you are proofing. For small birds, a standard-thickness gutter guard is appropriate. However, proofing against larger pests such as possums, rats, and larger birds requires a thicker commercial-grade mesh to help ensure the property remains pest-free.

A 100% bird-proofing solution is possible if all access points to the roof, eaves and walls are protected. A 100% bird proofing also requires a solar panel bird mesh that covers and protects your solar panel from birds nesting underneath.

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Arboreal Factors

Leaf proofing considers a property’s surrounding trees and vegetation for seeds and leaves and the aperture size of the mesh.

For example, pine tree debris suits an ember guard with a smaller hole size. In contrast, a standard gutter guard will sufficiently proof eucalyptus trees larger pods and leaves. A more robust and thicker mesh is more suitable and durable if large gum tree branches surround your property.

Want to know more? ScreenTech sends gutter guard samples and guides to architects and discusses projects and considerations.

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