5 Best Gutter Guards For Stratco Gutters Australia-wide

Need the best gutter guard for your Stratco gutters? Install gutter guards as a leaf stopper, bird and pest solution, rainwater tank filter, or ember guard protection. Whatever the solution you need, choose the best gutter guard to suit your Stratco gutters, roof type, protection needs, climate conditions and aesthetics. 

Here are the top 5 gutter guard products in Australia for Stratco guttering: 

  1. Integrated Mesh Gutter Protection System 
  2. Reverse Curve Gutter Guards
  3. Mesh Panels 
  4. Brush Gutter Guards 
  5. Foam Gutter Guards

Continue reading for a comprehensive look at the best gutter guards for Stratco gutters in Australia.

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What is the best gutter guard for Stratco guttering?

Integrated Mesh Gutter protection system is the best gutter guard product to prevent your Stratco gutter system from clogging. With various gutter mesh material and width options, it is the most durable, long-lasting and aesthetically-appealing solution to suit Stratco guttering, roof types and your gutter guard needs. The gutter guard can provide light to heavy leaf protection, bird proofing, rainwater harvesting protection and bushfire & ember protection. 

Integrated Mesh Gutter Protection System

gutter guard installation

An integrated mesh gutter protection system is the best gutter guard for Stratco gutter systems. The gutter guard works to create a ski-slope, permeable mesh barrier that filters leaves and other debris while encouraging unobstructed water flow through the gutters and downpipes.

The ski slope will also prevent leaves from accumulating on the gutter mesh, instead encouraging leaf material to fall to the ground. This reduces homeowner maintenance and cleaning of the Stratco guttering. It can also help to strengthen the system against damage related to water overflow and clogged gutters, including detachment, repair and rust.

The gutter guard’s design makes it suitable for other types of gutter guard solutions, including bird proofing, bushfire protection and filtering rainwater tanks. The gutter protection system prevents birds, vermin and other pests from building nests in Stratco gutters. Combined with other bird-proofing measures and installed across all other roof access points, it can provide a 100% bird-proofing solution, preventing bird access to your roof and attic spaces.

Integrated mesh gutter protection systems are also suitable as ember guards and are bushfire compliant. If you require a gutter guard that is part of a rainwater harvesting system for water usage in your home, a gutter protection system provides AS4020-related products

tuff mesh gutter guard

Homeowners can choose from various materials, including aluminium, polyethylene, and Colorbond® steel. A powder-coated aluminium mesh is the most common gutter mesh material due to its flexibility, durability and strength. It is also the gutter guard of choice in box gutter installations, as the mesh can span the wider gutters without sagging, preventing leaves and debris from building up. Polyethylene mesh suits coastal property installations, while steel mesh is considered a bespoke bushfire-compliant ember guard for extreme bushfire-rated areas.

One significant feature of the integrated mesh protection systems is its compatibility with all roof types, such as corrugated, Klip-Lok®, Trimdek® and tiles. It is also compatible with various fixtures, such as roof-to-standard gutter, roof-to-box gutter, roof-to-roof, roof-to-wall, and roof valleys. The gutter system also perfectly integrates with the building or home’s aesthetics, colour-matching your Colorbond® roof and Colorbond® Stratco guttering. Gutter mesh and fixtures are available in all Colorbond® and tile colours.

Gutter guard installation is relatively simple. It attaches to the gutter’s edge with trim and is secured to the metal roof type with Trimdek®, Klip-Lok® or corrugated saddles or clips or tucked under the second or first row of tiles on a tiled roof. Professional or DIY gutter guard installers should take all safety precautions and refer to workplace safety and best practices when installing gutter guards.

Below are the pros and cons of an integrated mesh system: 


  • Suitable for light-heavy leaf protection 
  • Durable, long-standing, and comprehensive protection 
  • Various mesh materials, hole sizes and widths
  • Suitable for box gutter, valley and downpipe protection 
  • Suitable for bird proofing 
  • AS4020 drinking water-rated products available 
  • Colour-matching is available in all Colorbond® and tile colours


  • More detailed installation 
  • More expensive gutter guard solution 

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Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

reverse curve gutter guards

Reverse curve gutter guards, also known as Vinyl guards, are relatively new to the Australian gutter guard market and are more prevalent in America. These gutter guards work similarly to integrated mesh protection systems; instead of using a micro-mesh to filter the water, the vinyl material creates a surface tension that sends water into the gutter in the opposite direction to leaves, twigs and debris.

Vinyl guards can handle over 22 inches of rain per hour, making them incredibly effective in areas with heavy downpours. Professionals best install this gutter guard system as the surface tension technology is essential to its effectiveness. After installation, vinyl guards are easy to remove to enable gutter cleaning; as such, they can protect against homes needing light to moderate protection from leaf material.

There are some limitations to the design. Small debris particles such as jacaranda flowers, pine needles, twigs, and dirt are not easily filtered and can accumulate in the gutters. The venue guards are visible from ground level and do not come with complete colour-matching capabilities as the integrated gutter guard system.

Reverse curve gutter guards should never be used as ember or gutter guards for homes in BAL-12.5 rated areas or above. As it is a plastic material, it is unsuitable for homes where water tanks collect water for home appliance usage or drinking consumption.

Below are the pros and cons of reverse curve gutter guards:


  • Suitable for light-heavy leaf protection 
  • Durable and comprehensive protection 
  • Suitable for bird proofing 
  • Ideal for high-rainfall areas


  • Not DIY friendly 
  • Not suitable as an ember guard or bushfire protection 
  • Unsuitable for rainwater harvesting 
  • Limited colour-matching 

Mesh Panel Gutter Guards

mesh panel

Mesh panels or screen gutter guards are a popular DIY gutter guard solution. These products are readily available from stores like Bunnings, Mitre-10 and more. Gutter guard installation is usually straightforward but may vary from product to product.

They resemble gutter mesh products. Some mesh panels attach directly to the gutters and are secured via a bracket or fixture. Other gutter mesh panels are inserted directly into the gutter and bent to hold the Stratco gutter’s shapes, while others sit over the top of the gutters and are secured either to the first row of tiles or lock the gutter guard to the gutter’s front lip.

Mesh panels act as a leaf stopper, similar to an integrated gutter protection system. The mesh holes allow water to filter through the mesh. However, unlike integrated mesh systems, mesh panels usually create a flat surface over the gutter where twigs, leaves and debris can accumulate instead of falling to the ground.

Mesh panels are made from aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. Aluminium mesh panels are more durable compared to plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel and plastic mesh panels will require more continuous replacement after only a few years. Homeowners can also select from various hole sizes, affecting overflow and filtering capabilities.

Usually, mesh panels can withstand high-volume water flow from heavy rain; large-hole mesh panels can easily get clogged by trees with finer leaf materials and bird nests and materials.
In areas that experience storms with strong winds, homeowners should be careful installing mesh panels as they can dislodge and cause damage to walls, roofing, gutters, downpipes and valleys. In tropical areas, we recommend an interacted mesh system as a more permanent and secure solution over mesh panels.

Some mesh aluminium, steel and bronze mesh panels meet ember or gutter guard requirements. For homes in BAL-12.5 rated areas or above, seek professional advice about which gutter guard or ember guard product best suits your Stratco gutters. Most mesh panels are unstable for rainwater tanks where the collected water is used for home consumption; however, look for AS4020 drinking water ratings if the gutter product makes that claim.

Below are the pros and cons of mesh panels:


  • Suitable for light-moderate leaf protection 
  • Easy to install
  • DIY friendly 
  • Inexpensive gutter guard 
  • Some ember guards or bushfire protection options
  • Some bird-proofing capabilities 
  • Various mesh materials, hole sizes and width


  • Requires more cleaning and maintenance 
  • Beware areas prone to strong winds and storms
  • Limited box gutter and valley options
  • Limited AS4020 products for rainwater harvesting 
  • Limited colour-matching options

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Brush Gutter Guard

brush gutter guard

A brush gutter guard is an affordable solution that can save money but may require more maintenance than other gutter guards. Brush gutter guards are easy to install as they are inserted directly into the existing Stratco guttering. The brush guard has a stainless steel core with plastic outward-facing bristles that collect leaves and debris while helping the water to move effortlessly through your gutter and remove grime.

Brush gutter guards require more regular maintenance than other gutter guard types, as homeowners may need to clean out the bristles to prevent clogging. If left unclean, the bristles are perfect homes for mosquitos, insects and other pests. It is also less effective against trees that shed fine leaf material, like pine needles, she-oaks or jacarandas. We recommend brush gutter guards for protection against light to moderate leaf litter.

The gutter guard is also less effective in box gutters as the guards do not sit securely in the gutter system. Heavy downpours will cause brush gutter guards to move about in the box gutters, limiting their effectiveness.

Brush gutter guards are fire-retardant; however, they are NOT recommended as a bushfire protection solution and do not meet ember guard requirements. As it is a plastic material, it is unsuitable for homes with water tanks used for home usage or drinking water.

Below are the pros and cons of brush gutter guards:


  • Suitable for light leaf protection 
  • Easy to install
  • DIY friendly 
  • Inexpensive gutter guard 
  • Some bird-proofing capabilities


  • Not DIY friendly 
  • Requires more cleaning and maintenance 
  • Limited box gutter and valley options
  • Unsuitable for rainwater harvesting 
  • Unsuitable for ember guard or bushfire protection 
  • Can attract insects and other pests 

Foam Inserts

foam gutter guard

Foam inserts are also recommended for Stratco gutters that need light leaf protection. The foam inserts protect against dirt, twigs and leaves by creating a pores barrier inside the gutter. The installation process is easy without technical assistance or tools; pre-cut the foam pieces and place them inside the gutter.

Foam gutter guards have some limitations. The foam material attracts mould growth and needs regular cleaning and maintenance or replacement. It is not recommended for homes that receive high than average rainfall. The foam swells and becomes heavy, which adds stress to the guttering, fittings, and fascia, and you will risk damage to the guttering. The form gutter guard also creates a flat surface inside the guttering where twigs, leaves and debris can accumulate instead of falling to the ground.

Foam inserts should never be used as an ember guard or gutter guard for bushfire or burning ember protection. We recommend a bushfire-compliant gutter or ember guard for homes in BAL-12.5 rated areas or above. As it is a plastic material, it is inappropriate for homes with water tanks used for home usage or drinking water.

Below are the pros and cons of foam gutter guards


  • Inexpensive
  • Last 6-12months but will require regular cleaning
  • Easy to install and remove
  • DIY-friendly
  • Fire Retardant and UV Stabilised
  • Invisible from the ground


  • Can trap water
  • Can Trap Roof Oil
  • Difficult to Clean
  • Requires maintenance to be effective
  • Can grow mould
  • Can attract pests and insects
  • Not suitable for bird proofing
  • Not AS4020 rated – not suitable around
  • Not ideal for bushfire protection
  • It does not protect roof valleys
  • It does not protect box gutters or parapets

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