Bird Proofing & Solar Panel Protection in Townsville, QLD

GutterMesh Solution for Bird Proofing and Solar Panel Protection in Townsville, QLD.

ScreenTech provided a comprehensive GutterMesh solution for a domestic residence in Townsville, QLD, aimed at bird proofing and solar panel protection.


Project Type

  • Domestic Bird Proofing and Solar Panel Protection, QLD


  • Townsville, QLD

Roof & Gutter profile 

  • Trimdek®

Gutter Guard Solution

Solar Panel Protection

  • Solar Mesh Standard Kit

Installation Partner

Colorbond®  Colour

  • Monument® 


  • 20m gutter mesh, 30m solar panel mesh kits


The residence located in Townsville, QLD, was facing specific issues with Indian Mynas and Pigeons. These birds are known to cause several problems:

  1. Nesting: Indian Mynas and Pigeons tend to accumulate and nest around solar panels and in gutters. This nesting behavior not only causes potential damage to the solar panels, reducing their efficiency, but also leads to blockages in the gutters.

  2. Disease: Both Indian Mynas and Pigeons are known to carry diseases, and their droppings can be a health hazard for the residents.

  3. Noise and Aggression: Indian Mynas are particularly noisy birds and can be very aggressive, causing distress to residents and native wildlife.

Moreover, the standard gutter was getting clogged with leaves and debris, leading to water overflow and associated damage.

Protecting only the solar panels would likely cause the birds to migrate to the gutters or roof spaces, as they don’t often leave a nesting site area once established. Therefore, there was a need for a comprehensive solution that addresses both the solar panels and the gutters.

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ScreenTech recommended the installation of GutterMesh along with the Solar Mesh Standard Kit. The GutterMesh would prevent leaves and debris from clogging the gutters and deter the Indian Mynas and Pigeons from nesting there, while the Solar Mesh Standard Kit would protect the solar panels from birds and vermin while allowing sunlight to reach the panels.

GutterMesh Aluminium Profile


This versatile gutter guard product is suitable for all round gutter protection and is highly recommended for domestic application. Its flexibility and strength also makes it a suitable bird proofing solution. 

Features and benefits:

  • 15-year material warranty
  • Complies with AS3959 – 1999
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating
  • CSIRO endorsed and tested
  • MFG
  • 50m x 1m at 24kg including Powder Coating
  • 15 year material warranty

GutterMesh is Australia’s best premium gutter mesh.

Trimdek® Clip Profile

Features and benefits:
  • Double-ribbed
  • CSIRO tested and endorsed
  • Complies with AS3959 – 1999
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating
  • Aluminium

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  • Galvanised Wire
  • Black PVC Coating
  • Aperture: 12mm
  • Strand width: 1.0mm
  • Role size: 200mm x 30m

Features and benefits:

  • Compatible with Poly or Metal Solar Clips
  • Larger hole size to maximise airflow under panels to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Colours: Black
  • 1-year material warranty

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