Fine Debris & Leaf Proofing & Maintenance Reduction in Romsey, VIC

GutterMesh Solution for Leaf Proofing and Maintenance Reduction in Romsey, VIC.

Screen Tech provided a comprehensive gutter guard solution for a property in Romsey, VIC, to prevent fine leaves, debris, and other materials from clogging gutters and causing water overflow.


Project Type

  • Domestic Leaf Proofing and Maintenance Reduction, VIC


  • Romsey Township, VIC


  • BAL-Low

Roof & Gutter profile 

  • Corrugated, standard gutter

Gutter Guard Solution

  • TuffMesh™ Ember Guard for leaf proofing

Installation Partner

COLORBOND®  Mesh& Saddle Colour

  • Woodland Grey®

COLORBOND®  Trim Colour

  • Woodland Grey®


  • 92m TuffMesh™ Ember Guard

gutter guard installation before and after


The property located in Romsey, VIC was plagued by problems stemming from leaves, debris, and other materials that frequently clogged its gutters. This not only caused water overflow but also increased the risk of damage to the surrounding areas. In such persistent issues, the intended solution would prevent the gutters from clogging while ensuring seamless integration with the property’s aesthetics.

Upon consultation with Aussie Gutter Protection, we selected TuffMesh™ Ember Guard as the best-fit solution. Considering the fine debris surrounding the property, the 1.6 mm hole aperture of the TuffMesh™ Ember Guard would be a more suitable choice over the 3.5 mm hole size of the TuffMesh™ Aluminium product. This choice ensured that even the finest debris would be prevented from entering the gutters, providing an optimal solution tailored to the property’s unique challenges.

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gutter guard installation before and after


ScreenTech, renowned for its top-tier products and dedicated support to tradespeople, builders, and architects, suggested the use of TuffMesh™ Ember Guard. This product was recommended not just for its durability but also for its longevity as a gutter guard solution.

The Woodland Grey® mesh matched the property’s roof, and the same colour was selected for the trim to complement the guttering. As it was a tile installation, no other fittings and fixtures were required. This ensured a seamless and stylish finish that was aesthetically pleasing and functional. With the diligent work of Aussie Gutter Protection’s technicians, 92 metres of TuffMesh™ Ember Guard was carefully installed, guaranteeing a secure fit.

As a result, the TuffMesh™ material now allows water to flow unhindered into the gutters, effectively preventing leaves, debris, and other materials from causing blockages. With this installation, the property now boasts a beautifully fitted TuffMesh™ Ember Guard system, which protects the gutters and ensures water flows freely, significantly reducing any potential damage risks.

TuffMesh™ Ember Guard


Ember guard is designed for bushfire prone areas subject to heavy ember attack with the smallest appeture size at 1.6mm aperture. The small hole size also makes it ideal to filter fine debris including pine trees and jacarandas. The mesh strength makes it ideal for possums, bird and vermin proofing, but still works during heavy downpours to ensure maximum water collection.


  • LWG: 6.0mm
  • SWG: 3.0mm
  • Aperture: 1.6mm (average hole size)
  • Plate thickness: 0.8
  • Strand width: 1.2mm
  • Aluminum mesh

Features and benefits:

  • Strongest aluminium guard
  • One way mesh with added trough for maximum water collection
  • Complies with AS3959–1999
  • Australian Bushfire Standards
  • CSIRO tested flammability index of zero
  • Suitable to BAL 29
  • Akzo Nobel D1000 powder coating.
  • Powder coated in Australia
  • 25 year material warranty

GutterMesh is Australia’s best premium gutter mesh.

Corrugated Clip Profile

Features and benefits:
  • Double-ribbed
  • CSIRO tested and endorsed
  • Complies with AS3959 – 1999
  • Akzo Nobel D1010 powder coating
  • Aluminium

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